What Is a Loan without Adequate Creditworthiness?


Not all of us can get a loan from the bank. The main reason is the lack of adequate creditworthiness. Also a negative situation may occur when we do not have a positive credit history, which is recorded in BIK and other economic information bureaus. In this case, the only solution is a loan without BIK.

Banks, mobile telephony operators, loan companies and other institutions are currently protecting themselves against unreliable customers. For this purpose, they use primarily special databases in which information about debtors is posted. These include BIK, or Biuro Informacji Kredytowej SA, BIG InfoMonitor SA, Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG SA and the Register of Debtors ERIF BIG SA

Why is the positive credit history so important?


Why is the positive credit history so important?


Not every one of us realizes that when borrowing a loan or credit our data goes to the above databases. In the context of financial products, the most important database is BIK, which is created by banks, credit unions and loan companies.

The BIK databases contain information about the client’s credit history. These are both positive and negative data. Positive data is generated when we regularly and timely pay off our liability. The negatives, in turn, are a consequence of the lack of timely repayment or failure to repay the debt at all. Currently, almost 90 percent of data in BIK are positive data for customers.

When the crediting history recorded in the office is positive, then we can more easily receive a loan, a loan, and also take something in installments or sign a subscription contract. The institution checking our data then sees that we are a responsible and trustworthy customer. In the case of negative information, the situation is quite different – they prove to our disadvantage and often make it impossible to use the offer.


A loan without BIK – what is it?


A loan without BIK - what is it?


However, even people with negative entries in BIK can receive financial support. At present, we can only count on loans without BIK only in non-banking companies. These are mainly payday loans, but installment loans are also available for higher amounts and taken for a longer period of time, for example for several years.

With a loan without BIK, the customer is not checked in the database, and even if the company checks its data, it does not take them into account. This means that even a person with debts can receive money. Nevertheless, along with the easy availability of such offers, it is also accompanied by a high cost. This is understandable, considering the risk, because the loan company is not sure that the customer will pay off the liability.

Therefore, when we want to take out a loan without BIK, we have to prepare for the repayment of a high sum. Sometimes the borrowing costs are even several times higher than in the case of bank loans or non-bank loans, for which the crediting history is checked.

How to find the best offer?

How to find the best offer?


If you are interested in a payday without BIK or an installment loan without checking the database, you can find the offer online now. It’s worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with the various offers, as well as to review opinions on loan companies to sign a contract with one that is trustworthy

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